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My love of art began as a child. I was quiet and shy, so art was my voice. Expression through art brought me much joy and peace, and it became a powerful outlet for my expression. After graduating from a fine arts high school in 1997, I studied at the Vancouver Film School, followed by many years working as a computer graphics artist and animator in the animation industry. In that same time, I became a mom of two and settled in Vancouver BC.
While attending a local arts festival, I found myself inspired to reconnect with my passion for fine arts. Enthusiastically, I dove back into the tangible world of paint and canvas.
With time, I found myself creating more and more art, eventually taking part as an artist in the same festivals which had inspired me. During these events I had moving conversations with local festival attendees from all walks of life. It became clear to me that through art there was potential for any individual to find inner inquiry and expression. Sharing the healing potential of art became a passion which led to certifying as Expressive Arts Therapist in 2020.

I currently create art out of my East Vancouver studio. 


Through my art, I speak the language of geometric entanglement, connection, and abstraction.  I see the world as fragments, all collaborating in the same space, finding balance, and striving to integrate with the greater whole.


That interconnectivity and tension in our relationships, our work, our stories, and the way we express it…these are the pieces and thought forms I add structure to.


Geometries and their relationship on the canvas represent the complexities of our perception: one can look simply at the individual parts, and still recognize the integrated whole and its unifying story. 

Microcosms, pieces, fractals of the bigger picture.


I think a lot about our individual journeys, as well as co-creation with others, the spaces inside ourselves and around us, and how we relate to these spaces by connecting, balancing, and dancing with each other.


My dream when I was younger was to be an architect, to build imaginative quirky "playgrounds", constructed of simple geometries.  To this day, I dream in geometry, playing in that interconnective space between the concrete and the conceptual.

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